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Kendra's Umbrella, LLC works with businesses and individuals by channeling that inner creativity to develop unique and creative custom designs. Our graphic designer takes pride in letting her natural born gifts guide her in gleaning the design details from clients and turning them into one-of-a-kind creations which may be applied to shirts and hoodies, logos, websites, banners, flyers, invitations, and party decorations. It doesn't stop there - we've had the pleasure of even creating and having printed custom rugs and tumblers! With your imagination, our digital software, and effective communication, we can add your custom graphic designs to just about anything.

We service clients both locally as well as across the United States with the help of the internet, email, and mailing services. 

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We'll design your apparel, stickers, packaging & more

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Custom Designed Flyers, Invitations & Greeting Cards

Custom Designed Flyers, Greeting Cards, & Calendars


Terry Gibbs Photography | Featured Project

St. Louis native business, Terry Gibbs Photography, orchestrated a photoshoot project capturing the beauty of St. Louis women dressed in their favorite football team apparel. After editing the photos, they were sent to us where the transformation began.

Firstly, the background was removed from each image and a multitude of small details to correct the models hair was performed. Individual photos were then selected and their months were designated. In doing so, it helped to set the color scheme and digital effects to the photos and monthly calendar layouts. A blend of vibrant and dark hues kissed by fog and mist set the monthly covers off. While a simple yet artistic design layout was selected for the monthly calendars providing balance for the full layout.

IG: @terrygibbs_photography

calendar on wall mockup
calendar on wall mockup

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Monthly Cover Photos
Monthly Cover Photos

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Spread of Calendars
Spread of Calendars

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calendar on wall mockup
calendar on wall mockup

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We'll custom design everything from logos, to websites, to flyers - and everything in between!

"New business but little to no photos yet? No worries, we can tap into Adobe Stock to help provide relevant photos for your new website and flyers."

Kendra | Creative Director & Owner

Can't Find What You Need?

The joy in being an artisanal handicraft shop is that if we don't have an existing product, it's fine. We will create a custom designed product to meet your needs.

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Kendra's Umbrella, LLC

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Graphic Designer specializing in the transformation of your creative ideas to develop your flyers, shirts & hoodies, logos, websites, business branding, party decoration accessories, and more!

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